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Feedback of Students

Suhaprlya Venkateshwaran (B.E. 2015-16) (GS of GVAIET in 2014-15)
I belong to computer department, where our knowledgeable professors have always supported and uplifted each and every student, to make us optimistic technocrats. With their knowledge, experience, love and friendly behavior, our professors have always created an environment of oneness. I am glad to be a part of GVAIET family, who have not only made us good engineers but also helped us become good professionals by the special training and placement program organized for us. By these, we were educated to clear various rounds of interview process, as well as it boosted the confidence in us to face and tackle the ups and downs of life. With the knowledge earned from Training and placement program, I am glad to have placed myself in Tata Consultancy Services. I am heartly thankful to my college and all my beloved teachers.

Amir Mohammad (B.E 2015-16)
"The teachers seem really excited about what they are teaching. " I found that "the more interested the teacher seems, the more interested I am during class." "I'm just really glad that I was able to have a teacher be so frank with me." .

Topper for all semester from F.F. to B.E

Tejal Phaldesai (T.E.2015-16)
The college has been a constant source of knowledge and inspiration for me which has not only enhanced my technical skills but also polished my personality. Our department has well equipped workshops, labs and lecture halls and the faculty and staff are ever reachable.

Tripti Mishra(S.E. 2015-16)
Students often find they need some help when taking on the challenge of college-level work. Luckily, college provides many resources to guide you to success.

Topper for all semester from F.F. to B.E

Mitali Bhivande (RE. 2014-15).
It’s just not the wish of the seed to emerge into a tree, but also the efforts of the gardener who provides it a right environment. The role of a teacher in the life of students , is like a lamp which enlighten their path burning their own fuel. For me computer dept will always be in my admiration and will be held in high regards. No matter what great heights you achieve tomorrow, be thankful to those who taught you something when you knew nothing...