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Feedback of Students

Nidhi Agrawal (BE Civil)
This is the place where I got confidence and a new attitude to achieve the goals. The staff and the organization support is motivation.Faculties is always there whenever needed. The supporting attitude develop zeal to achieve the moto.

Omkar Jadhav (BE Civil)
From day 1 the staff at G.V.Acharya was very helpful and I was able to graduate in 4 years with a distinction and all my teachers were great and understood when I had an issue. I recommended this college to everyone.

Surendra Choudhary (BE Civil)
G.V.Acharya is a great college .My teachers were always available to answer my question I had. I love the format and I felt challenged with the Assignments. This has been really great college; challenging, yet comprehensive. Professors have been demanding but very supportive. They are very engaging and help to meet there expectations.

Neha Pawar (TE Civil)
The real way for students success is support ,encouragement, coordination, dedication and confidence on there students is the best things in this college taught me.

Bhavesh Bhopi (SE CIVIL)
This is truly a fantastic college!!! Great faculty and communication. I would definitely recommended this college for convenience and it is academically challenging. The structure of this classes is really very good. This college will challenge you academically and is very rewarding when you do well and receive the teachers feedback.