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List Of Mechanical Engineering Faculties

Prof. Santosh N. Nemade HOD M.E. Ph.D. 25 Years
Prof. V.S.Jog Professor M.E.(Thermal) 42 Years
Dr. Mukund Chitale Professor,
He is also looking after the institute as the director of the institute
M.Tech Ph.D. 26 Years
Prof. Omesh Manuja Assistant Professor M.E.(manufacturing sys) 10 Years
Prof.Pravin Pawar Teaching Assistance B.E. 09 Years
Prof. Nikhil A. Singh Assistant Professor M.E. (Machine Design) 6 Years
Prof.Deepali v. kotkar Assistant Professor M.E.(Design Engineering) 05 Years
Prof. Jayraj Sheelan Assistant Professor B.E.(Mech.) ME(Industrial Engg.) 12 Years 06 Months
Prof. Shree M. Deo Assistant Professor B.E.(Mech.) ME(CAD/CAM & ROBOTICS) 03 Years 06 Months
Prof. Madhuri Pawar Assistant Professor M.E.(Heat Transfer) 3 Years
Prof. Udaya Ravi Assistant Professor B.E.(Mech.) M.Tech (PDM) 02 Years
Prof.Yogesh shekate Assistant Professor M.E.(product design & development) 02 Years
Prof.Anupkumar Ojha Teaching Assistance B.E. 02 Years
Prof. Navnath Baraskar Teaching Assistance B.E.(Mech.) 01 Years
Prof. Shrikrishna Rathod Assistant Professor B.E.(Mech.) ME((Production) 01 Years 06 Months
Prof. Shaikh Mohd. Maaz Teaching Assistance B.E.(Mech.) 01 Years
Prof. Jitendra Maurya Assistant Professor B.E.(Mech.) M.Tech (Mech.) 01 Years
Prof. Chinmay Rajguru Teaching Assistance B.E. 08 Months