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Feedback of Students

Nitin Sawant
“Awesome college, It has awesome student friendly environment. The faculty is just amazing. College life is really very great. Has good transport facility. I am proud to have studied in such a wonder full institute and I didn’t understand how four years went off.

Riddheshwar Patil
Excellence in education, perfect word for GVAIET. Excellent and caring faculty for every subject. I was highly inspired by career guidance and training activities provided in the campus. My 6 years in Acharya institution taught me ‘How to learn?’ Prof. Vasant Jog and Prof. Mukund Chitale sir are motivational faculties’.

Sankalp Saxsena
“The teachers seem really excited about what they are teaching.” I found that “the more interested the teacher seems, the more interested I am during class.” “I’m just really glad that I was able to have a teacher be so frank with me.”

Aniket Jadhav
“I was extremely happy to join GVAIET. It provided me with a good amount of resources, opportunities and at the end, it totally depends on how well we were able to use these to our advantages”.